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\/\/\øø MILLENNIUM 2.2 MODE ON øø/\/\/

Reactivating Thread...done
Returning to the Topic...done
Deuteros should have/(maybe has) it's Own Thread.

Yes, Millennium 2.2 - Good Old Days.
I've Scanned the Manual some Years ago. (already HOL and ohter Projects)
Although You really don't Need it for the Game.

It will always be my Favorite 4x Game, because it was one of the First.
Coincidentally My first Strategy Game Ever was "Theatre Europe" on the Amstrad CPC (6128), which was also Coded by Ian Bird.
Must have been 1986 or so. Man I'm getting Old.

Some Drawbacks of the Game:
It's to Linear, as Mentioned many Times before. Not really any Random Events, besides the Attacks on the Colonys.
I always wished the Resources were Randomly distributed on different Planets every New Game, for Instance.
The DOS-Version has that Feature, btw!
Also in the DOS-Version "Millennium - Return to Earth" you can automate your Grazers, which Saves a !LOT! of anoying Micromanagement!
And you don't have to Launch Every Single Fighter, but all you have at Once!
Sadly these Features are missing in the Amiga Version of "Millennium - Return to Earth" ?!?

I really wish AmiGer or anyone Else Up to the Challenge could Hack this Game and implement those and some more Features.
Would make it alot more interesting.
AmiGer, take CARE - This Game deserves it. Because it's a Milestone in 4x-Games and Computer Games in General, methinks.
The PC-Windows-Remake is Good. Played it some Years Ago. But If Memory Serves, it had some Bugs.
And a Remake can almost Never have the Atmosphere of the Original.
Well done, anyways.

I know this Game is very Easy, and there is no Need to Cheat. (Finished it 20 Years ago on the Second try. Never Failed Unintensionally Since - You simply can't)
But anyway, Below are some Hints and Tricks I found out about over the Years, playing this Gem again from Time to Time:
The Following Text can be included into HOL and all FAQ's/Walkthrogh's - Feel free to Make any Corrections and/or Additions:


Millennium 2.2 - Some Advanced Tricks & Cheats:

Altrough it's Hard to really Fail in this Game, here are some Hints, Tricks and Cheats nonetheless:

In the Beginning of the Game there is the Problem with the Solagen MK-III, which will Fail if You turn it On,
and Destroy all Solagens, Setting You Back to Battery-Power.
The Trick:
Make Sure You already have Researched the Solagen MK-IV. Finish and install the MK-III as usual, and Start the Production for the MK-IV.
Now, ONLY advance the Time by Hours, not by Days. This Way there will be no Accident! Do this until the MK-IV is Finished, Install and Use it.

Hints for the Endbattle: (Has been mentioned earlier in some FAQ I think)
If you have free Production Capacity, use It for Building Orbital Lasers whenever possible. And if You don't have Uranium at Hand, build Fighters.
The Game won't let You Store more than 16 Orbital Lasers in Your Defense Area.
The Trick:
Use Your Spare Carracks (build more if necessary) to Store the Additional Lasers. If Your Defense Capacity is reached (16), move the Lasers to the Carracks,
which can Hold 20 Lasers Each. Don't move all the Lasers, or You will be Defenseless. Move 10, Build another 10 and do this Over.
Later they can be all Transfered to the Defense, despite the Limitation.
You Need a Minimum of about 40-50 Orbial Lasers to Defeat the Enemy Fleet (250 Fighters, btw). But if You want to be 100% Sure, better Build 80-90.

Since the Resources are ALWAYS Located on the Same Object, wich is a Major Gameplay Drawback for Me btw,
I've made a List of Resources for Each Planet and Moon (kg/Day).
All other Planets/Moons can't be Colonized. They are:
Mercury, Venus, Phobos, Deimos, Jupiter, Amalthea, Io, Europa, Ganymede
Himalia, Elara, Pasiphae, Mimas, Dione, Iapetus, Nereid & Charon

Here is the Resource-List

Have Fun Playing Millennium 2.2
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