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It seems the red-screen boot issue might be related to this (from

"Q: When BlizKick has loaded it reboots the system, and then my system give me red screen (ROM checksum error). If I give my machine three-finger-salute (Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga) and afterwards it works just fine, and the ROM is mapped ok. What's up?

A: I finally managed to trace the root of this problem! It seems that the reboot magic in some PowerUP boards is somehow broken, and cause this "one-shot ROM checksum error". I could avoid this problem by replacing the official PowerUP reboot code with standard one. You can choose this new reboot method with "NOPUPREBOOT" option"

So as i typed in my previous post, try "NOPUPREBOOT" option in BlizKick command line.

And i don't think you need "romupdate.idtag" in Blizkick-line. What's that for anyway?
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