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I just bought Standard Amiga 500 bundle! So now I have three original boxes.

Have I told you guys about my Commodore 1084S box? It was pretty fucked up in a woodshed. I was "working" in a local small school (about 80 students). When I walked into the woodshed I immediately saw white box with some blue text. I took it home and fixed it up a little bit. It looked like this but there was much more stuff in the way... My friend was very surprised that I realised it was Commodore box. Really just a couple of letters where visible.

Anyhow there was a price tag in the A500 box and it was 4,995 mk. We had Mark back then as a currency but now we have Euros. So it would be 839 Euros or 1055 USD. So that's Finlands price.
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