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Ethernet Setup?

Hi all,

just found this great software and installed it on my harddisk, after some hard time finding the right things to activate my cf card with an cf adapter just from a floppy disk. In the end I realized that the trick was to list the adapter once from the shell. dir CF0: (Don't know why)

Well, after that I could start to unpack the system from the cf card. When starting the installation process from here I had some trouble changing the Startup-sequence, because my hardisk is called "DH0:" and not "Sytem:". Even after solving it (Assign System: DH0: ) there are several errors in the Startup-sequence "Line too long..." and the escape codes on the first screen are not working, too.
Did you ever experience these things?
Well, now it is runnig and I've exchanged the cf card with my Etherlink III adapter.
Is there any ethernet setup supporting tool in AmigaSys 4? I don't find it...

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