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Thanks for the replies!

Basically I've done the following:
Took a working (on WinUae) CWB OS3.9, added BB3 & latest 68040/60 libs, then added BlizKick to kick KS3.1 + modules from BB2 ROM update + modules from BB3.
The HDD was then moved to my A1200.

After boot, this is what I see in WB:

ROM 3.9 , ks45.57 ,wb45.4
exec - 45.20
workbench - 45.131
filesystem - 45.15
icon - 46.4
bootmenu - 44.7
scsi - 44.2
68060 - 46.8
68040 - 46.7
ram-handler - 44.24
console - 44.8

This looks ok (afaik) besides the 68040/60 libs, which come from the BPPC flash & I cant seem to get rid of them using BlizKick's BPPCFIX040, as it freezes the system.

The problem I have is that every warm-reboot results in an endless reboot cycle with red screen!
I've tried everything I can think of - changed the order of modules in the BlizKick line, tried running SetPatch before or after BlizKick, disabled all CWB patches (IconBeFast,FBlit,CopperDemon,BlazeWCP) etc, nothing helped.
Tonight I'm going to try CWB3.0 & see if I still get this problem. I hope its not the BPPC's fault

Btw, just before WB loads I get a requester with "Intuition is attempting to reset the workbench...", no idea where that comes from, it doesnt happen on WinUAE (without BlizKick).

Any idea on what to try next would be great!
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