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Hi peeps

I'm new to amigas, having had an amstrad cpc464 and a zx81 back in the day, and then moving on to pc's. Over the years I've been picking up the old hardware I used to want but could never afford. Still remember the amiga demos running in a shop window in borehamwood - bouncing balls or some dancing robot iirc, must have been mid/late 80s.

Recently got a couple of amigas off ebay - a500+ and an a1200 - and I'm amazed at how vibrant the user community is after all this time [especially compared to say the ql or even 68k macs].

My a500+ seems to be in great shape but I reckon I got a parts bin job from a dealer on the a1200 [or certainly well used]. Next project will be connecting the 1200 to my pc network; got a pile of pcmcia modems and nics that look like they should work [3c589 for example].

Anyhow, looking forward to being a member!
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