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Yes, lets talk about something else. This topic is getting boring, especially as a lot of people seem to deny the existence of the 'NEW' Amiga hardware in the first place

A quick quiz... for my gratification only.

I have a machine by sitting by me. Designed and built in the '90s it has a 16 bit processor running at 7Mhz, it has a small, fast, multitasking OS and 512K of Ram. It's often connected to my PC via serial cable, and I have an external drive for it too. Any guesses as to what it is?

I've tried to avoid Win CE/Pocket PC. It's a good idea in theory, but I'd rather have that new Sony Clie. The one with built in keyboard and swivel screen, built in digital camera... drool, drool

Maybe a Sharp Zaurus would be nice too. Can't say that I actually NEED either of them, as I probably wouldn't use them very much. And I think they are far too expensive. I once knew a girl who bought a second hand Psion 3a (for £100) to store her diary details in... because she kept losing her paper diary!!!

Btw Akira... I've had Win 98 running on a 486 DX266 (slowly) and an AMD K5 100 ran it fine. Why people complain about how slow it is I'm not sure, unless you start loading up anti virus, firewalls, Norton utilities etc etc. Just keep it fed with plenty of ram, and it's quite happy. Now as to stability... that's a different matter. But then amigas crash quite a lot too (well mine does anyway).
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