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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
you must be referring to this:

i wouldnt say a report of 5-6 users, with a 'fix' of not tightening the screws seems that much of a major issue -largely something that can be fixed in the build-phase. Sure, it needs addressing for those pandoras that have already gone out, but to talk of this like a massive 12 month set-back to every unit is another thing.
One guy has stated that if the screws aren't tightened the issue does indeed go away, but would also introduce other issues (such as the case flopping about, I'd imagine). Given that only a very small percentage of actual Pandora owners post on the forums then statistically this is likely to be more prevalent than just 5-6 people. You could be right though.

I'm not sure I implied that fixing it would be a 12 month delay. Fixing the case the first time around only took 8 months, I'd expect more like 4 months for a reasonably simple fix, assuming it's the plastic at fault and not craig's hired help ;-)

I have been the first person to point out that previous dates have been spectacularly wrong, however, from what i can see, now the ball is rolling (as it were) things are becoming steadily more reliable.

we'll wait and see of course, i'm just saying that idle speculation is nothing to judge by. Taking the information given, and then taking it with a large pinch of saat, may prove more accurate
I've tried to avoid "idle" speculation and base it on past performance... :-)

So: Given current production speed, I'd say that yes, we should see a significant portion of batch 1 shipped by 31st December this year, with the remaining couple of hundred done by mid-february.

Mind you, and this is idle speculation, Craig is a business man and a small trick like... oh, I dunno, maybe announcing that all 4,000 are done and shipped, and that batch2 is underway... when in actual fact only 2,500 were actually ordered after all the cancellations... and "batch2" are in fact the remaining non-taken batch1 orders would make things look better. And it would give them time to get the real batch2 going.

I'm not saying this will happen, but Craig is the kind of guy who would do that judging by the way he treats his current customers, and they've been very reticent in saying exactly how many of batch1 are available - we were told that they'd all gone, and now he's saying that there's "still a few available".

A while ago I held Craig in very high regard. Now, I just want my Pandora so I don't have to listen to his lies and evasion anymore. I've asked him some very pointed questions before now, and instead of answering I tend to get called a troll.

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