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Originally posted by kriz
heh, i dont think so, maybe you think of it as just a small update for Wb3.1, but I think its good and maybe the best that can be done without making new rom bricks .. (3.9 roms.. )
Don't know about that Kriz. I prefer my Workbench 3.0 setup running the free Scal-OS combined with various aminet addons such as the fantastic MUI, MCP, SFS etc to OS 3.9. It runs faster, uses less resources and is much more powerful from the off (I have it zipped for easy re-install). All this with basic 3.0 ROMS.

I know many other Amiga users have happily made their own fantastic WB setups that are better or equal in most areas than the default OS 3.9. Perhaps that's why some see it as only a small update to the older versions.

I firmly believe they could have done better with OS3.9. If it didn’t convince me to update then others must also feel the same.

Originally posted by kriz
And amiga OS 4 is in the works .. (by the exellent hyperion team)..
Hopefully OS 4 will be the works and I'm ready to buy if that's the case.
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