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WinUAE Loader wont run in Full Screen - Help Required

Hi Everyone

I just discovered everything retro and would like to get some Amiga Emulation up and running.

Back in my youth I started off as most people did with the the A500 and the Batman Pack.
As time went on I upgraded to the A1200 c/w 80mB HDD, external CD drive and a Blizzard graphics card. Cant remember for the life of me the model though.
It was more than a games machine, with all my college work being done on Wordsworth and even Intros to my Wedding Video being done through some video package. Again cant remember the name.

Anyway I spent way too many hours playing games and would like to get some of the nostalgia back.

Here is where I eed some help.

I have installed WinUAE and WinUAE Loader 1.72, I have downloaded the WHDLoad games pack and set up all the correct paths in WinUAE Loader.
When I try and run a game through the tools section of WinUAE Loader I cannot get the game to run in full screen. I doesnt matter what combination I use it still only shows in a small portion of the screen at the centre. It isnt set in a window though, so I assume it thinks it is running fullscreen.
The resolution I am setting is 1920 x 1080 to match my windows resolution.
If I run WinUAE on its own, without the Loader, I can set the display to Full Windowed and set the Resolution as above to get the full screen display. If I try and set WinUAE to full screen instaed of full windowed, this again results in a small image in the centre of the screen.
Can someone please shed some light on this, is its driving me mad, as I'm now desperate to play on Cannon Fodder!!

Thanks in advance.

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