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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
if you enquire about batch 2, you will be told its the only way to get a Pandora before christmas, that the expected release date is October, and that there are still a few unclaimed in batch 1.

i think you are being a bit pessimistic
Lol. I'm afraid I'll have to go with available evidence - and that is that every single date given by Craig so far has been bollocks :-p

Have you seen that the early models now have a problem with cracks appearing in the case? More than a few of them have developed this, too. That will need to be sorted out, which will mean another round of talks with the Plastics company, then prototypes, then testing, then more prototypes... I mean, can you imagine any company, no matter how "indie", actually going ahead and not fixing it? They'd get slaughtered in the gadget press.

They said last september that they'd be out for xmas '09 - and I have as much faith in Craig as I did then.

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