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Agreed - you'll see

For standard formats you can use the files as is.
However for real world preservation the stream data (or draft data, which is essentially the same) must be preserved.
Anyone (including myself with 10 years of experience) can make mistakes.

If the stream data is not preserved just the resulting files the data lost during the process is irrecoverable.

Someone might think a disk is preserved, destroy the stream files and let the ipfs out.
By the time people realize something is amiss, the disk can become unreadable.

So people taking advantage of the ipf format (which they get for free) must give something back in return to the preservation community.

Our goal is admittedly preservation, and we understand that a device like KryoFlux has the nice side effect of being good for other purposes too - we certainly don't want to be involved with any of those uses.

Preserving games on the other hand is a huge co-ordinated effort that needs vision, direction and experience - and time is running out.
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