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Originally posted by Djay


muimaster.lib v19
xadmaster.lib v10

can't find these on Aminet... can anyone upload to the Zone!!

Hehe. You know what I'm going to say Djay, Right?

All these files are included with my Classic Workbench FULL/ADV.

The LITE version uses a less memory hungry solution as it’s designed for 2MB Amigas. It sports a Packmaster GUI and all the executables (like unzip) you'll need. It also has the Ami2PC network pre-installed.

Like Akira said, one lib you’ve mentioned comes with MUI, but I really wouldn’t suggest using MUI and therefore apps like VoodooX on a 2MB A1200 - they eat too much RAM. The latest version of the other lib (XAD) can be found on that Amiga virus checker site Retro linked for you.

I have no issues with copying over adf's and I think Akira has the explanation spot on - it's just the A1200's usual compatibility probs. However, if you are having issues, getting into the habit of zipping everything you send is a sure way of checking for errors.

Guess what else is built into the Classic WB - a TUDE degrader for these older ADF games and WHDload/Jst in order to run harddrive games. On A1200's the BEST way to play these older titles is to use the harddrive installable versions that have been fixed for the newer Amigas. That’s why we suggest 1 GIG min if people are looking for new harddrives – it’s about the perfect size for fitting on all your favourite Harddrive games. In fact, my 1.28 GIG is only half full and I’ve got many of the classics.

Is your A1200 2MB Djay, or have you found a fast ram expansion?
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