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Originally Posted by Ballisticbrian View Post
Thanks for the replies, I'm a bit dipappointed it doesn't have an IDE adapter.

Also, going through the box of games, most of them do not work with read errors. Is this normal for a box of old games which has been in storage?

Rather annoyingly the workbench disk also has errors and I cannot load it. Any ideas on what I can do about this>?
I've also got an A500 and 16 of my games still work after 15 or so years (when I got the Amiga).

They've been stored in a disc box or in their cardboard box/cassette when not in use, though.

I had Workbench 1.3 fail on me today. You may be able to find another one on one of the auction sites.

TBH, these days, I wish I'd got an A600 or A1200 - due to the greater RAM, better graphics and more expansion options/better games available (A1200).
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