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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
These games don't work with this version of the emu:
Assassin SE, Lionheart, Lotus II, SuperCars I+II
Correction: found working ADFs for Lotus 2 and SuperCars I&II in TOSEC:

Lotus Turbo Challenge II (1991)(Gremlin)[cr CPY][a2]
Super Cars (1990)(Gremlin)[cr PNA](Disk 1 of 2)[f AGA Krypt][t +5 PNA]
Super Cars II (1991)(Gremlin)[cr HP][f AGA](Disk 1 of 2)

(disk 2 for Super Cars I&II can be any)

Super Cars I has broken colors in-game but Super Cars II and Lotus II look and play fine.

edit: Lotus III also didn't seem to work. This "AGA-fixed" ADF works fine:
Lotus III - The Ultimate Challenge (1992)(Gremlin)[cr FLT - Crack Inc](Disk 1 of 2)[f AGA][t +5]
(Disk 2-ADFs of Lotus 3 work all)

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