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To all: Cheers for all the greets!

@Allen1, CyberDruid..
Re: WHDLoad games.. I am WELL into those!
Props to Bert Jahn for creating it and all that make the installers.
Props to KillerGorilla for his site - when I found that, as far as I was concerned I was in Amiga Heaven!

Re: CF Cards..
I've bought a CF Adapter (w/ EasyADF) from AmigaKit, haven't got a card for it yet, was hoping to find a 1Gb CF Card, because I read that the 4Gb aren't always reliable or work with the Amiga.

In re-creating my real Amiga in WinUAE, however, I used a method I hadn't seen mentioned online at all (with my neighbours help). I'll check to see if there's a more appropriate section of the forum to put that and I'll write it up there.

NB: This was the 3rd version of this reply - I lost it TWICE because my login timed out while typing it.. I've sipped from my 'n00b' cup and have now learned that Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V is my new friend..
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