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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
PC - QX6850 Extreme @ 3.0, 4 Gig DDR 2, 2x WD Raptor in Raid 0, 750GB Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD SATA DVD Rom/DVD RW, Radeon 3870 X2, Some old Adaptec Scsi card to run my 12 year old HP Scanjet 6100C scanner (if it ain't broke....)

and a box with various PC innards, old motherboard, 3.4 Gig P4 CPU, Ram chips etc etc.

Amiga 1200 with Typhoon Mk II 030 w/ 64 MB EDO.
PCMCIA CF w/2GB card. Scandoubler
Soon to have/install CF card as HD because 4 Gig HD runs too hot.

Atari Lynx II handheld (is this the right place to admit having an A***i ? )
More than I care to count in terms of CDs with old stuff on em.

oh... and A PS3... (which ain't getting much use now miggy is here )


To update, in addition to above:

I now admit to owning 4 x Atari () - STF, STE, Falcon030 (Falcon has just had its audio repaired) in addition to Lynx II

1x Acorn Risc PC with Kinetic CPU card (which is the daddy and what I'm using most atm - it haf USB and is on t'interweb)

1 and 1/2 an XBox 360 - RROD fault machines. One awaiting despatch after full repair and testing (once I get the cash from its new owner lol! ) The other needs repair and a HDD.

PS3 is actually getting more use than Miggy (semi towered A1200)

Have also aquired enough bits to build a 2nd A1200, and the 030 has gone in favour of an 060.... I really must finish the tower build.
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