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Sorry diggin up that thread again but I...
Well "Oops I did it again"


Project "Rock Lobster"

Well... As for the PC

Acer Aspire 5738ZG notebook
- Intel Core2 Duo 2,1Ghz CPU
- Radeon HD4570 with REAL memory
- 5.1 capable HD Audio with built-in mic (yeah!)
- 250gb HDD
- 4 USB Ports

Done so far...
Monochrome Port -> Pushbutton as Power-Switch
RGB Port -> notebook-VGA to RGB23
Power Port -> RJ45 Connector and a short wire to the notebooks LAN-Port
Disk Port -> 2x USB to the notebook 1st and 2nd port
Audio Ports -> 4-Wire Cable, not yet connected to the notebook
Two Joystick Ports -> U-HID Encoders, both currently running as "Mouse"

4-port usb hub connected to the notebooks 3rd port
both U-HIDs connected to the hub

1 A500 Keyboard modified to work with a A1200 keyrah
connected to the notebooks 4th port

"Damages" to the Amiga 500 case...
Had to drill a small hole in the back for the notebooks power supply

- shorten usb wires to the U-HIDs (currently 75cm)
- connect the serial and parallel port to their respective usb converts (and those to the hubs with trimmed cables)

FIX that damn DVD-ROM somewhere in place... ^^

connect the front AND surround line-outs to the RCA jacks in the back, need some resistors first.

connect a small Speaker to the center line-out, build a small audio amp around a tda 7052 ic and finally fix the speaker in the floppy area.

Front L & Surround L to L Audio
Front R & Surround R to R Audio
Center to Floppy-Speaker
Subwoofer... ignore


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