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Re-invigorated Amigan

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A new member.. ME!

Hello everyone! Glad to see there are people out there that love the great and holy Amiga still to this day.

I've been away from the Emulation scene for a long time and only just in the past year have I begun to get back into it (since I now enjoy a nice new beast of a PC to run it all on, hehe ) - ESPECIALLY that of the Amiga flavour.. it's brilliant to re-live all the games & demos I loved all that time ago, finding new stuff I'd never seen and re-learning how to even use the machine has been great!

I've come across this board a number of times during Google searches for emulation-related info etc. and finally decided that "I should just commit to joining EAB today!"

Packed away in my wardrobe I have an Amiga 1200 + DKB Cobra '020 w/ 8Mb Fast & FPU, 40Mb HD (and a "dodgily" mounted 850Mb HD). I say "dodgily" because it generally only mounts on WB startup when it wants (or you coax it to work by futzing with the cable before startup )..

Since getting into Amiga emulation again, I thought an exciting little project might be to see if I could "re-create" my real Amiga in the WinUAE environment, "because it would certainly sort out the 'moody' mounting problem.." I SUCCEEDED and have been enjoying Amiga nostalgia for the past 5 months. Even to find that new unused A1200's are available to buy online, with parts, expansions and all sorts of kit! Truly awesome.

Endless thanks to everyone involved in keeping the Amiga going!
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