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Clenched, do you remember if the hacksaw thingy was in the same spot as it is for me? I've tried over and over again, there is no way to reach it without exiting the place. It's too far into the door. Maybe the items are placed on the same screens, but randomised where they are being put on the ground... and this is just one more of those badly coded things. Wonder if it will be located further away from the door if I restart the game, or if it will only be located further away in the SPS/ADF version.

Anyway, I've so far done 2 different finish moves - one is you pull the heart out, the other one is you take out a knife, looks at the camera (us), then at the ninja and stabs him bloody till he drops dead. Anyone know of more moves?, and how to perfectly execute them?... as I can only seem to do them randomly whenever the game feels like it. I can keep a ninja alive for as long as I want. When he falls to the ground, starts to blink before he disappears, I just hit him and he stands up and is refreshed (nice coding, not), have also managed to pull out the heart of the same ninja 3 times in a row.... so much slacking with the code.
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