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Prowler for heavens sake be careful if you intend to go into the attic with a wasps nest in it, at this time of year they are not going to be dormant and they are evil little buggers who will sting and sting and sting. One of them little buggers put me in hospital for 3 days when I was 14 and the swelling took about 2 weeks to dissipate, thank goodness it was on my lower leg where I was stung several times by that 1 wasp, any other site could have been fatal (this happened outdoors and not in a confined area).

I would check with your local council and see if they will remove the nest, they have all the chemicals to do the job and they could maybe block the entry point that the wasps use and hopefully stop new nests from appearing in the future.

Better safe than sorry in this case especially when its as warm as it is now.
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