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Originally Posted by clenched View Post
Go to upstairs palace room. On the floor is maybe a file or hacksaw blade with a red handle. Take this to the dungeon, drop at cage and receive ruby. Used SPS instead of CD32 to play.
I've seen that but can't pick it up as it lies just under the door. When I try to get cloth enough to pick it up, I just exit the room, I've tried moving as close as possible pixel by pixel and can't reach it without exiting the room. So I thought it was just a part of the background and not an pickable item:

As I thought the game was bugged I planned to play the floppy version instead to see if that version had the missing ruby on level 1 aswell... if not I would continue with that version.

Now when I KNOW this is a pickable item, I'll keep trying to get it.

And I don't play SPS version often because some games needs to be cracked to work without password stuff, and I can't be arsed to see what games are in need of it, so I just take ADFs anyway...... works most of the time....

But damn this game is bad.... and they've missed alot stuff like in some places when I hit the button to enter doors and stuff on the wrong places, I get moved to places you normally wouldn't get to... like, in one screen I hit the enter room button when there are no room to enter, and I get moved to a room 3 rooms back.. wtf.... it's like this in many places.. hardly meant-to-ne shortcuts... they just did bad coding and stuff.

Thanks for the help with the missing item.. hope I can pick it up eventually.
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