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Surf Ninjas, stuck on level 3: The Fortress of Sri-Wan

One lady wants a ruby which I can't find... I only found one on level 1 which was not needed to finish level 1, and you can't bring items with you from level to level.

A girl is trapped in a cage and I don't know how to save her.

All I have is a key and something that looks like a doorknob. I've tried using both items on everything..... I'm totally stuck.

I can't find a walkthrough anywhere. Which shouldn't be needed anyway as this game seems very easy, especially to this point. Donno why there was a diamond and a ruby on level 1, when they were not needed to complete level 1, and all the other items on the other levels WERE needed to complete those levels. Maybe the game is bugged and have some items from other levels on level 1 and it's now unfinishable?

I'm playing the CD32 version.
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