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basically because you were absorbed first, you avoided the destruction of the universe and were given the ability to form outside of normal space and time and matter, these three effects build to generate you outside stm, for a short period (say one small level for story telling) followed by two levels of normal action based in the normal universe set in different points in human time!

once again you must destroy The Chaos Engine, this time three times!

so we are talking

1. intro level
2.3. Action on Island
4. story level and 1st chaos engine to destroy
5.6. Action inside a blue Temple
7. story level and 2nd chaos engine to destroy
8.9. Action based in a digital but old fashion House (in 9. we see that its a digital construction)
10. story level but the size of a normal level with the last chaos engine to be destroyed with ending

you could have an extra action levels, say 3 together giving a total of 13 levels

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