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Hallo, i just started to play Ambermoon again - great game!

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Once you have combined the two halfs of the Amberstar Amulet (one half being in a chest in the same room as the cell) you show it to the madman / Magician in the cell. The man seems to receive a shock when he gets the amulet and something seems to change about him. He collapses sobbing. Now you may unlock the cell and enter. Talk to the man again and learn he's Tar, known as "The Dark". I love these TWISTS, it turns out that this is the central bad guy character from prequal game Amberstar. He shows regret over his failure to resist Thornahuun and all the evil things resulting from that and asks to join your party. Tar is a level 35 mage and has knowledge of all destructive spells available.
Just out of interest, where can i find the other piece... I put the daemon to sleep and am about to enter the temple.
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