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Hi Folks....

It's been yonks... Yes... Absolutely yonks... Since before Babbage penned his schematics for difference engines way back in the 1800's... It's been that long since I fired an Amiga up...

I still have a couple of 1200's in the loft and various other bits and pieces laid around that will inevitably find their way to the local tip... But Hey ho... There's always the Emulator..

Right.. Whitterings over.. late 40's.. Drink Newcastle Brown Ale.. and.... most importantly.. Back with a wee bit time on my hands.. Gonna have a peruse thru the site as I only found it this morning.. A greed thing - Even if I say so myself.. Hoping to get more than a tenner for my A2000 -

Alternatively... I may just pull it from auction and upset the other half.. Her computer room is far far bigger than mine and I can see it accommodating the PC.. A2000.. A1200.. C64 etc etc... Hmmmm
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