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Well i´m not from Australia, but i like to share my thoughts.
I´m also planning to relaunch one of my old web projects, which i froze about 9 years ago. I really don´t think that there are other big communities are needed, because there is not a real demand for it.
So if you try to build up another forum with some nice addons (i had an heavily modded vbulletin a few years ago, forget it. there are plenty of it.
Like the EAB, which is my new international home.
But there are some nice niches, which could result in a success.
So i think you should think about finding a unique selling proposition.
What do you want to reach? What are you goals? What are your short-term / long-term targets and milestones? What is your project plan? What are you launch features? Are there any features which can wait?
Then you should think about the infrastructure. What is needed? Do you need a webserver or hosting? What about licences (for a marketplace, forum and so on). Is there any help needed by others? Would it make sense to cooperate with our sites for a win-win effect?

And another thing to think about.... the amiga scene really do not need any hard competition.
We all share the same awesome hobby, so you should be fair if you launch a new project.

So, as an example, i only plan features, which aren´t in the focus by other sites. I don´t want any evil competition.

Btw, EAB rocks.

your fellow German mate,

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