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HI TCD - I played the B3 level on my A1200 and it works very - I got 85% so will have to keep hunting on my next attempts...

One thing I did notice (and playing on a real Amiga I wasn't able to get a screen shot) was that when I went through a portal (this was the second portal I went through in the level - it was located on a wall between two water falls) I teleported to a small island... once on the Island there was no visible exit back as (on the Island) no exit portal appeared (of course it would be difficult to create a portal here as no wall space is available) - I had to walk to the top of the Island where I was automatically teleported back to the area between the two water falls... but it was more by luck than judgement that this happened.

I don't know if you knew about this or maybe it is the way it is for a reason but I thought I would post and mention it all the same just in case...

Great work TDC - thanks for this - it was fantastic to play a new level!!

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