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Let's talk about Wing Commander

Hi all, first time caller, long time listener...

Years ago I was thrilled to finally get a crack at Wing Commander on my poky little 7mhz A500 (then later 14mhz, then switched to an A1200, then on to different systems) and I always found it irritating that the Amiga didn't get those promised Secret Missions you could attempt to select in the menu screen.

Now, here's my question: would it be feasible to use the Secret Mission data - assuming it isn't actual code, but rather game data - from the PC version of Wing Commander on the Amiga version?

I ask because there's a lot of data interpreters out there that'll let you load in various types of games and play them on "foreign" platforms - ScummVM, various ZPL interpreters for running Infocom games and the like.

Can it be done? Also, how much of a technical leap is Wing Commander II? Is it more missions with the same engine? Could it's content be played with a sort of hypothetical "WCVM"?

Just throwing out some thoughts.
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