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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
If by "music info" you mean the end of level tension music, then I am afraid it did not work, I have not heard anything.

Perhaps this has to do with the level? IIRC, the first level in stock CE does not feature the tension music.
That would explain it (as I used the music info from the original level one) and also why I didn't hear it when testing . If you can give me an example of a level with the tension music at the end I'll have another look.

Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
I have encountered the two shots issue for one of the pod thingies again but in a more restricted way. First, I did not see any of them spawn two times and most of the time I had not the two shots issue.

But after backtracking, when I came back forward (whatever that means ) I saw that this one fired two times.
However, this only happened for the first "shot" (the two of them actually). The second (or rather third) shot was a single shot and so were the next ones.
But when I went back again and came back the two shots issue happened again (and only lasted for the two first shots).
Hmm, that's strange and shouldn't happen. The error you reported before was a stupid mistake at my end This time I can't see a problem there... will check again after the footie
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