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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Added music info, yet I'm not sure they work as intended Feedback would be nice
- If by "music info" you mean the end of level tension music, then I am afraid it did not work, I have not heard anything.

Perhaps this has to do with the level? IIRC, the first level in stock CE does not feature the tension music.

- I have encountered the two shots issue for one of the pod thingies again but in a more restricted way. First, I did not see any of them spawn two times and most of the time I had not the two shots issue.

But after backtracking, when I came back forward (whatever that means ) I saw that this one fired two times.
However, this only happened for the first "shot" (the two of them actually). The second (or rather third) shot was a single shot and so were the next ones.
But when I went back again and came back the two shots issue happened again (and only lasted for the two first shots).

- Hmmm, seems like one extra life eludes me. Well, I don't want to overplay the level so I will probably wait for the next version before trying to find it.
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