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Originally Posted by NewDeli View Post
For me, playing PS1 games on a PS2 makes the PS2 worth owning for "console retro-gaming" (let's call it that way). Buying a GC just to play those few (admit it, its catalog is far from covering every genre) titles alone in my 'computer room" is not something I would be inclined to do (at least, not until the wii or its successor offers similar backward compatibility, if you get my point).
iIadmit it: there are less games available for GC. I don't know why that happened. i think there are about 600 games in the catalog. In my case I only miss PES not being available. PSE 6 is the only game I have for a PS2 I won in a lottery.

But there are some absolute gems for it, and built-in 4 player is great. For $20 its a terrific value console. Get a purple or black one, plug it in with SCART or component on a 16:9 screen and the graphics look great.

Interestingly when my son had his mates over, they brought their PS2's and XBOX's, but it was the GC that they always played.

I always felt that the GC shared some Amiga ideas: fast loading and writing to storage media, efficiency of resources, innovative software.

We don't own a Wii/XBOX 360/ PS 3 and i don't plan to either.
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