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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
which console uses cartridges?
The GC drive reads non-ISO-compliant miniDVDs, doesn't it ?
Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
what don't you like about the wii being able to play gc games?
My first assumption is that the PS2 DVD drive can take most if not all of the PS1 CDs without a hitch whereas it would be more hit & miss with the wii / GC pair.
From noticing how such "simple" games such as Mario Tennis are hardly rendered by Dolphin, I assume that that "thing" in the wii which allows to play GC games must not be in a much more advanced phase.
I mean, if it was the case, Dolphin team would use the supplementental routines to improve their code right away, wouldn't they ?
As pointed out TCD, this is speculative meandering, I never saw a wii in action.

Some discussion on afterdawn about PC drives that would read GC discs.
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