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90% . Oh, it's not the LA/EAB league?

Good job overall TCD .
That probably won't be an easy level for a beginner but I believe that anyone who has already finished the game and therefore moves cautiously/saves food for later use/backtrack a bit won't have too much trouble.

Here are the issues I have found. Some of them may be related to the editor (not setting some flags on etc...) or not. I suppose Exl will read this thread or that you will forward him any issues.

- CPU taking the "players saved" yin-yang pickups?
I am pretty sure that I read somewhere in one of the EAB threads about CE that CPU players were supposed not to take any item that will "alter" the level (keys and players saved especially). I have seen mine do that several times.

- I believe my shots should go through the gap between these trees, should not they?

- Apparently some of those pod thingies that shoot slime balls (or whatever they are) spawn two times. As a consequence they can shoot two balls?
At first I would have thought this was done by TCD on purpose in order to increase the difficulty. But after coming back from some backtracking, I noticed some of them only had one shot then.

- Some of those stones let the shots go through and the others don't, so it is a bit obvious to know that some of them will fill a certain role. I believe this is a limitation of the game engine though.

- No "tension" music when you get near the end of the level?

- Would it be possible to move this node one row above? The CPU seems to like to get stuck behind it. It is not a really big deal because after a short while he is teleported but there is a short time when he is not here when his help could be useful.
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