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Have you not worked in game development in the past?

It is an excellent level from the beginning.

I can just reproduce what i've said today on IRC, so here is the copy & paste:

17:58:12 | <xpect> well i just can't praise enough your work TCD
17:58:20 | <xpect> an excelent level indeed
17:58:42 | <xpect> for seasoned players the dificulty is well balanced
17:58:54 | <xpect> and for me was not difficult at all
17:59:18 | <xpect> it's an engaging level
17:59:32 | <xpect> full of surprises and really interesting
17:59:52 | <xpect> so hats of to you Mr. Druid
Waiting for the second one!
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