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I must say that I'm really enthusiastic about this editor. Really simple to grasp the interface and the functionality of it, it's almost spot on making or editing a level.

I share TCD's enthusiasm, because is really easy to do something decent, as TCD proved with his alpha level done in less than a week.

For any gamer that likes Chaos Engine it's even the perfect game for one to easily make a level. Because of the up-down (isometric?)perspective, building a new level, at least for me, it seems easily doable.

So guys, for Chaos Engine lovers, give this tool a go and really try to grasp it's functionalities. Let's have more new levels to play in the following months!

I'll certainly will try.

Thanks Exl for a great tool, by the way.

EDIT: Join us at the #chaosconstruct irc channel for any doubts or help you need.
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