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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Did you already check the stacksize of Devs/DosDrivers/CD0 as suggested above?
Sorry, I already checked this, but forgot to let you know... The stack size in the CD0 mountlist is at 3000 which is the default I guess. In the CDDA mountlist, the stack size even is at 4096. Changing any of these to a higher value doesn't help. Also, I tried these 2 memory patches you suggested, but without any success. I'm afraid I have to look for another solution since I'm hopelessly out of ideas right now. Mounting one of both media types manually after booting doesn't do any trouble and it would be easy to add this as an option to the workbench menu or to some application like DiskMaster - a solution I can live with. Anyway, thanx for all your help and advices; that was quite educational!

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