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Or you can buy a Gamecube for about $20..I know, I know its fun to emulate, but really for all the work and money needed to get a PC to run GC games...

BTW I hooked up my GC with component cables to my Panasonic 42 inch plasma in 16:9 progressive scan (and Dolby 5.1), and the graphics looked amazing. F-Zero GX looks next gen. Some GREAT (multiplayer especially) games on this system:

FZeroGX, Metroid 1 and 2, Mario Kart, Mario Power Tennis Mario football, Zelda Windwaker, Twighlight princess, 4 swords, Resident Evil 4 (Game of the year 2005), Waverace, 1080, Sanity's Requiem, Pikmin 2, Mario Sunshine, Star Wars (including Lego), Star Fox 1 and 2, Mario PArty, Warioware, and then you have all the EA franchises, like SSX, FIFA, Need for Speed, Maddern, Tiger Woods, Burnout.

Very under-rated the purple lunch box was!! Especially if you have a few REAL human friends that do REAL human things like physically visiting you in your home to kill some time
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