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I believe that a full GNU dev suit is available for Icaros/AROS


I have deicded that I am going to build an Icaros / Amithalon PC Sub-system using a Rockey 820 SBC inside my A2000

the PC side will have

Robo P3 750mhz SBC with 512MB RAM

USB Header
10/100 Header for NIC
2x Serial Port
1x Parallel Port
2x ATA 66 ports
1x FDD Port
3x DOC sockets (Disk on Chip - like flash cards =D)
Nvidia GF6200 128MB PCI GFX
Awe64 Sound

Thats the PC side - The Amiga side

Rev 6x Motherboard with KS3.1
G-Force 40

4x 4MB GVP SIMS - (16MB Ram)
Picasso 2+
Z2 Catweasel

IDE SFF Optical Drive
Low Profile FDD with Steady's FDD Adapter
Modified 5 in 1 3.5" drive bay SD/CF to use IDE adapters in the same place
phew.... its a good thing I retro-fitted a 550watt psu in that 2k chassis a while back

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