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The X1000 is taking longer than was planned and the 'estimated' cost is going up....not a good situ for Hyperion/AEON.

The lack of power-for-the-money argument doesn't hold much water for me. If you could buy it for say $1000 then it would actually be good value for a bespoke computer but would still be well overpriced compared to a PC.

The XMOS chip was a good idea but without any software (or hardware) support it's a waste of silicon.

I think the biggest obstacle that AEon have is that lack of developer resources that Hyperion can chuck at it.

If it launches at Xmas for the projected $2000+ it doesn't really stand much chance of selling enough units to recover their investment costs which is a real shame as Trevor seems to be a genuine guy (and confirmed ‘Amiga Nut’).

I personally think they’d have been better off going for something low-end (eg SAM 460 level + maybe the XMOS) for a lot less $$$.
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