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the beauty of the iMica atom board is that all the devices on it are supported - gfx / sound / disk (ssd) / usb etc the lot.

I know a lot of peeps get upset with the fact its using a *nix core, but its much more specific distro of nix, its also not as messy as some of the big distro's like ubuntu etc.

Installing an iMica Atom in an A2000 would give you ooodles of room to play arround with extras - heres a good start for you -

ASROCK Intel ATOM 330 A330GC Mini ITX Motherboard £66.13 + £7.50 Postage

OR somthing a little less powerfull and hence cheaper

Intel Atom Motherboard - D945GCLF2 (+ extras) £45 BIN + £10 Postage

Also have a look around the iMica site for more info on mobo-compatability etc - it might also be an idea to look at old Acer EEEPC's note books based on Atoms.
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