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Originally Posted by moijk View Post
At least a modern pc with modern chipsets and fairly high end processor/gfx card. If you want the more extreme, as in "hell of a PC" you would need to go a bit further north of that price, probably up to twice that.
The £1500+ x1000 is using 50% of a 1.8Ghz Mac G5 PowerPC CPU from 2005. £800-900 will build you a PS3/Xbox360 game busting ultra modern PC with an i7. And remember that the x1000 price doesn't include a graphics card...the most expensive part of your PC build next to the i7 CPU.

There are much better CPUs with a future to base a next generation 'ultimate Amiga' on like the PowerPC compatible CELL and Xenon CPUs from IBM. Given 50 million Xenon CPUs have been produced by IBM now for Xbox 360 it would probably cost less than a PPC 604e if anyone bothered to telephone and ask IBM lol. And at 3 cores and 3.2Ghz it's a monster of a CPU (which is why your £125 Xbox360 plays ultra detailed games in 1920x1080x32bit colour in 30-60 FPS)
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