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What I get from all this:

I find it incredible that there's still zealots of the Amiga platform after all that happened to them. This is yet another sprinkle of piss directed to their faces.

I guess they are all into masochism and bondage

regarding that "iMica" desktop.... You can build the SAME computer, for around 100 dollars. The Intel motherboard that comes with the Atom 330 Dualcore processor costs around 60 dollars.

All this Amiga shit should cease to exist and that will only start when stupid people stop paying overprice for items that are either cheap if you make them yourself or just weird unsupported underpowered platforms.

Here's some links for smart people who want a small, cheap system to run Icaros:

I built my parents a system based around the Intel motherboard and it really flies. Very recommended.
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