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Ahhhh the and cheerful.

I remember in the schoolground pecking order, the Amstrad CPC owner would look down upon the ZX Spectrum owner :disgusted whilst the Commodore 64 owner would spit on both!

They were the 8bit Trinity , you would always goto to the back of any cassette tape cover or magazine adverts and compare the three screenshots graphics. And if you were the owner of the former pair you always were glad when you saw the speccy one!

Oh how I miss those days...

Got a 128+, +2 and +3 in my collection, I always thought it was sad how Amstrad killed off the Spectrum "look" with its Amstrad clones the +2 and +3, as the ones before were always so distinctively styled.

I always loved how almost any popular game made it onto the little black box of joy and how they were stripped down to their basics just to make it work. The Spectrum really had its own unique graphical look which at the time i scoffed at, but now i really adore: the basic looking, colour limited, but usually detailed graphics.

This series represented for many their first encounter with the world of computers and will always be special.

Muchos respect to Sir Clive Sinclair. Would have loved to have seen how the QL would have developed but thats another story...
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