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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
The X1000 is not for me,... I like the idea of playing / coding with mutli core PPC as well as delving into the XCore chip, but even at the lowest prices floating around the interwebs its not going to be under my christmass tree for a few years if at all.
Which is my point Someone on said that 'this machine is not aimed at Amigans at large but a small population of developers and PowerUsers (read: enthusiast with enough money or "will")'. Furthermore : 'It only serves as a vehicle for the first, to evolve the platform, and it's just a first step.'. I wonder if there ever will be a second step when you're not aiming for at least a viable niche market. I hope noone gets that I wish it to fail, but as it is now, I really don't see how it can succeed.
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