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I was comparing the price / collectability of the X1000 to a classic car - not that the X1000 is in anyway classic... a classic forum frenzy would be the only term I could use classic with the X1000.

I complete agree - the What I do on *Nix/Mac and Win argument is pointless, at the end of the day, people enjoy differing platforms, I enjoyied QNX and Amiga XL - relatively pointless and the latter nowt more than a farcical fancey but its good to see this recretion attempts if you will.. I have even enjoied XAmiga and Icaros

Its very easy to bash the X1000, after all it is on old hardware with not much more than a bare OS / Dev support (for the moment) - to be fair to make it into the home it needs a hook, and that it just doesn't have, because of this it could never be a mainstream device, as such I suspect it will have a limmited run, like the A1 or C1 systems

Alas with Hyperion's track of dropping things like the Peggy I am concerned for those involved that could lose out on their time/investment - Since I have met them they are not just a faceless entity or a picture on a webpage - they are nice people and I would't want to see them in any detriment for following their dreams/visions.

My hope is that they take onboard what people in the community want instead of just throwing out another rebadge PPC that can run OS4

Please dont take this post as a defence to the X1000, It must stand on its own merits if its not for you then thats fine, if one finds nothing in it for them then its truly an epic pointless waste of time arguing about it.

The X1000 is not for me,... I like the idea of playing / coding with mutli core PPC as well as delving into the XCore chip, but even at the lowest prices floating around the interwebs its not going to be under my christmass tree for a few years if at all.
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