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look, I am not singing from the X1000 song-sheet, its an interesting machine with 2006/7 technology -

Simply put the X1000 is not going to be any messiah, its not even going to be rival platform or OS per-say. The X1000 is an expensive / collectable / classic car (although depreciation might be a little higher)

what one person feels is a classic is another persons scrap heap, btw how much do "off the shelf" Xeon Nehalem workstation render farm plumb for these days? including a maintence and service package ?

Anyway, you and I both know thats not all the story, processing has a cost, albiet in hardware ownership / service + maintennce contracts and power usage, the latter is a bit of a big deal these days.

I only suggest a hypothetical question - is it possible pending on "price-point" and "available software" that the X1000 could find a niche in an ever expanding industry?

Personally I do doubt it - but I never rule anything out to be honest, besides these two hypothetical questions have been done to death for the most part.

IMHO: The longer AEON/Hyperion leave its market launch the less of anything it will become.

I do wonder the target for the X1000, at some of the prices I have been reading it would be an elite few.

what ever happens all the best to them (AEON) and Hyperion, I do hope they can make a go of it.
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