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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post

How much would a iMica Icaros system cost and what is it?.

At the show deals start from £150 and up lemmie find a link... AHa!

heres a pic I took from the event

(click for zoom)

The iMica machine is the small unit to the left of the keyboard. (the one with the blue light) - The Acer laptop infront was also running Icaros AROS, all devices fully supported... very impressive stuff.

I met the guy (ClusterUK), seems a nice geniune chap, and seeing the system run on a 32" flat pannel was a joy to see =)

Clusters prices aren't to bad for an off-the-shelf system, although for people that are tech savvy you could built it yourself cheaper, which I do intend to do =)

the iMica is based on the dual core Atom board, the Icaros desktop is an AROS release
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