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Ya' like it Retr0?
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LMAO!!!! to true --- to true.... however the A500+ was mine

there was a big interest in the -uncovered- machines and my 4K was a star - while running Quake attacting the crowds in, it was working for better part of 2 days playing quake its a miricale!!!.... However I am worried that it probably wont work when I turn her back on =/

r0jaw's PPC build certainly got some heads turned, especially with the SCSI-IDE-1.8" IPOD 40GB ZIF Drive, Slot Loading Rom - There was a lot of interest in the A500+ with the 2MB Fast and IDE adapter made by Tomthul - I expect he will get some orders for those!

Unfortunately I lost about 1.8GB of video & pictures due to a battery failure =(

Still got about 2GB left though lol!!!

I think that should I go to another eXpo like this then I will make a custom top for my A4000 so people can see the inner workings etc, theres a lot of Harware Pr0n addicts out there =D

(YAY \o/ i am not alone!!!) =D
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