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Hello good people!

Nice to be here, like many I am a longtime fan of the AMIGA as well as Commodore machines in general. Though sadly I currently have no Amiga branded machine I sold my CD32 a while ago I have many fond memories of my AMIGA use back in the day which like many started with an A500 then upgraded to an A1200. Relatively poor back then I sure treasured my Amiga time, I lusted after an A3000 and would probably of committed questionable acts to have a A4000 lol! Anyway I am now a 42 years old Canadian born in Sudbury Ontario then quickly relocated to Toronto Ontario up until about 8 years ago when I re-located with my wife to beautiful Kelowna B.C. where I spend my free time online including Youtube (I noticed the awesome Matt Barton is among you) and I myself have a classic Gaming / computing channel which if your so inclined you can check by searching "MaximumRD" as well you can search on Facebook for my companion Gaming group. Anyway, that's me in a nutshell, nice to be here and now I am off to check out various posts!
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